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1. What are the programmes offered in UM?

UM offers various programmes from foundation to postgraduate level as well as professional courses, as listed in the Programmes Offered page from the UM official website Marketing Centre (MC) 

2. What are the entry requirements for those programmes?

Entry requirements for each programme is different. Please kindly visit the official website of the Faculty or UM official website Marketing Centre (MC) for the further information.

3. I am a Malaysian (citizen) student. What is the method of application?

Application must be made through UPUOnline. 

4. How much is the registration or total fee and when to pay?

Registration fee for new student for each programme can be differ and it is payable before the registration date.

5. Will there be in-campus accommodation available for freshies?

Yes. Students will be provided with accommodation for their 1st year studie.

6. What are the requirements for admission into Undergraduate International Programmes at Universiti Malaya (UM)?

The minimum undergraduate entry qualification is completed and passed a minimum of twelve (12) years of study and obtained the following qualifications :

Passed the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM)/A-Level/IB/High School/Grade 12/Equivalent; OR

Possess a Diploma that is recognized by the University with at least a CGPA of 3.00 Applicant may be required to undergo an interview session for certain selection programme before being accepted by the respective faculty.

7. How can I get the latest English proficiency requirements?

Candidates can get the information on the website Marketing Centre (MC). 

8. How many Semester/Intake does UM have?

Two Semester/Intake:

  • Semester I (September intake)
  • Semester II (February intake)

9. What is the method of application?

All applications must be submitted online via e-application. 

10. How can I know that I am accepted to UM?

Every online application will be processed for five (5) days working days for evaluation and only successful applicants will be offered to study at Universiti Malaya. All successful applicants will be notified via EMAIL.

11. What is the approximate tuition fee for each course? How often do I need to pay the tuition fees and how much do I need to pay each time?

For information regarding tuitions fees, please refer to the respective pages of Study website Marketing Centre (MC) 
The payment can be made by semester. Please refer to our website for average of payment for each programme and semester.

12. What do I need to do if I wish to change programme/faculty/campus upon receiving the offer letter /before enrollment?

It is not allowed to change programme after receiving the offer letter. To do so, candidate need to apply again for the programme that he/she is interested to change to.

13. What documents are required for application?

A complete online application should have:

  1. Recent passport-size photographs with a blue background;
  2. Certified copies of passport (first page only - photo, owner details and validity)/ Identity Card;
  3. Certified copies of academic certificate with detailed academic transcripts/results for Higher School Certificate (HSC) , Grade 12 or GCE (A' Level) or Diploma from recognized Institutions. Official translation is needed for applicants whose native language is not English or Malay;
  4. Certified copies of TOEFL/IELTS or other equivalent examinations indicating English proficiency (if available);
  5. A letter of guarantee from the sponsor for sponsored students;

14. Who can certify the above documents?

The documents must be certified by:

  1. The School Principal, Government Officers or Commissioner of Oath.
  2. Respective embassy

15. Do I need to study Malay language?

All International students accepted into any program will also be required to undergo a course in the Malay language (local language) during their studies in UM prior to completion of their programme.

16. I do not have English Certificate, But my qualification is high, Can I still apply for Undergraduate programmes?

Yes, you still can apply, but you need to prepare for your English certificate and the accepted applicant need to provide the required TOEFL or IELTS or other equivalent examinations indicating English proficiency certificate within stipulated deadline.

17. When can I know my application Result?

Every online application will be processed within 5 days working hours. All successful applicants will be notified via email.

18. How much processing fees should I pay for an application? How can I pay?

The application fee is RM 50.00 per application for Malaysian and RM300 per application for non-Malaysian/ International. It should be paid using FPX, Credit/Debit Card, and Flywire before submitting an application.

19. Do you offer foundation programmes?

We do not offer foundation degree program to International Students, as this course is strictly offered for local students. Nevertheless, you may also choose to apply for other courses that we offer for international students from the list that you can find through the Marketing Centre (MC). 

20. Can I reapply for the same programme if I was quit or failed or terminated before?

Yes. For research mode programme, student may apply for the same program but in different field of research and supervisor (s). However the university has the right to accept the readmission or ortherwise. Should his application is successful he shall not be entitled for any credit transfer.

21. If my application was unsuccessful, how do I know the reason of the rejection ?

If your application was rejected and you want to know the reason, you may email Admission and Registration Centre (bkp_aasd@um.edu.my) or your relevant faculty.

22. May I appeal my unsuccesful application ?

Yes you may appeal your application by sending an email to Admission and Registration Centre (bkp_aasd@um.edu.my) or your relevant faculty with complete justification and attachments.

Last Update: 09/02/2024