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1. General Information and Policies

(1) This application is strictly for the UM students/graduates who have successfully completed their studies and have been granted the Senate's Letter. 

(2) Our office will not be processing any request from the current/active students who have not been granted the Senate's Letter. 

(3) Students who have successfully completed their studies and approved by the Senate will receive a complimentary copy of the academic transcript and scroll. 

(4) As the transcript contains personal and confidential information, it is issued only to the person named in it or sent to another institution upon the request of the graduate.

(5) The Examination and Graduation Division will issue the following academic transcripts:

  • Bachelor’s degree under the Semester System starting year 2000 (English and Malay versions);
  • Bachelor’s degree under the Term System prior year 2000 (English version only); and
  • Master and Doctoral Degree (English Version only).

2. Applying for Official Transcript

(1) Request for official transcripts can be made via APPLICATION FOR UNIVERSITI MALAYA ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT 
(2) Submit the completed form via email at 

(3) Each application has to be accompanied by the followings:

  • proof of payment of RM50.00 for each of the academic transcript requested; and
  • a copy of the applicant’s identity card / passport.

3. Mode of Payment

Payment can be made via e-Pay.

4. Processing Periods





  Bachelor’s Degree under the Semester System (beginning from year 2000)

  3 working days


  Bachelor’s Degree under the Term System (before year 2000)

  10 working days


  Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree

  10 working days

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Effective from 1 November 2023, any application that reaches us within ONE MONTH from the date of the upcoming convocation ceremony will be processed after the completion of the ceremony (duration of ceremony: 2 weeks). Please visit umconvo.um.edu.my for more details.

5. Enquiries

For enquiries, please contact the Examination and Graduation Division via verify_um@um.edu.my.

Best Wishes,

Examination and Graduation Division I Academic Administration and Services Department

31 Oct 2023

Last Update: 03/11/2023